Sanjay Buttons is a character I made up around 2005. I wrote comics about him, Flashfire and Sly in my spare time. My friends


Sanjays breakthrough face!

thought that the situations that he got into where pretty funny, yet unfortuanatly sanjay hasn't made a good translation into videos. Sanjay will always be a part of my life in some form or another.


Sanjay...isn't that smart. He tends to forget simple things, makes the stupidiest decisions, and disrupts everyone around him. He loves cats, waffles and watching movies that Flashfire find inappropriate for him. He likes to pull pranks on Sly the Fox and his neighbours.


Sanjay started out in 2005 as a baby who got shot and was sent to heaven, I later changed the storyline and got rid of the whole Heaven/Hell thing.

Sanjay lives in a house with Flashfire and Sly, their pet fox. I had made a comic portraying how Sanjay and Flashfire first met but it was never finished, but what I did make was that Sanjay moved into a House one day and figured out that some kind of orange thing lives in his attic with his slave, Sly the Fox. Then they got into some kind of fight or something and then Flashfire agreed to live with Sanjay. I don't really remember.


  • Sanjay was born March 1. 2005
  • His favorite food is Waffles
  • One of his most famous quotes is "I like Waffles"
  • He was first designed to be an Angel from Heaven, which I later dropped
  • Sanjay had a total of 4 voices but I still haven't found one that portrays Sanjay perfectly
  • Sanjay's First comic was inside a Notebook designed for school