Brinzbania is a place that I just made up this second
Acidtrip melondezign004

Artist Estimation of what Brinzbania looks like


Brinzbania takes place in the mountains, the houses are made from orphan meat and the citizens are just figments of your dogs imagination. They eat steam and evil guns. The mayor is on speed so nothing ever gets accomplished. Confused smilie faces run the banks and host the show "what would you do on thanks giving." In 1992, the president of zimbawbway discovered this ancient civilization and declared to chew on pens and go to ireland.

Modes of TransportationEdit

The only way to get to Brinzbania is to make a boat out of popsicle sticks and somehow manage to flush it down the toilet, but keep in mind that you still have to be able to fit in the boat as you flush it down the toilet. Once in the pipes of the septic system, take a left down Appleview lane and recite the Alphabet backwards with your eyes closed. When completed, you should have arrived at Brinzbania.